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    Sprinnt Camberwell


    Phone: 0390776972

  • Setting you up

    To start the fun Sprinnt journey with us, we have created some convenient and easy steps to follow:

    • Register and create an account on the Sprinnt website.
    • Log in to the Sprinnt website and buy the package that best suits you.
    • If this is your first visit to Sprinnt please contact the studio to schedule time for a quick coaching session to set up your bike and cover some basic introductory knowledge.
    • To book a class:

    Log in to the website.

    Reserve a class from the timetable, you can select by time and instructor.

    To secure your place in the class it is highly recommended to reserve your favourite bike location.

    If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list. If a bike opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email.

    If you have reserved your bike, please ensure to be on time. Empty bikes will be released to people on the waiting list at the start of each class.

    • When you attempt to reserve a bike in a class that is full, the system will provide you with the option to be put on the waiting list. If you choose to be on the waiting list, you will receive an email if a spot opens up and you will automatically be added to that class. 
    • In the case that you don’t have access to the internet or mobile services, you can come into the studio and our A team will help you with creating an account, purchasing and booking as required.
    • It is important to stay hydrated during class. We provide chilled water in the studio. Sprinnt sports bottle and towel are available to purchase in the studio. Please remember to bring your bottle and the towel to every class. In case you forgot, don’t worry, we will provide you with one for the class.
    • You should wear comfortable workout clothing. We recommend wearing cycling gear and to avoid loose fitting long pants. Please contact us for any recommendations.
    • You can wear training shoes or cycling shoes. Cycling shoes can give your legs a fuller workout and enable you to generate more powerful pedal strokes. We have chosen the world best Spin bikes and our bikes are compatible to road and mountain bike riding cleats.
    • It is recommended to come to the class 5-15 minutes before your scheduled class start time. You will need to sign in via the ipad or class sheet and we will bring on the fun!
    • Please check our policies section for more information during the class.
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  • Policies

    • Before the first class

      At Sprinnt, we believe in setting an example, to inspire and to practice what we preach. We would like to train you, educate you so you can continuously have fun, improve your fitness, health and lifestyle and achieve your results in a professional, sustainable and safe approach. Each participant should go through a 10-15 min introduction session before his/her first class. Please contact the studio to schedule the coaching session and ensure to come 15 min before the first class. In the introduction session we will guide and coach you on the following Sprinnt classes aspects:

      Bike set up

      Class structure

      Correct and safe riding positions

      Adjusting the bike resistance

      Riding's resistance and pace harmony

      Adjusting the pedals

      Riding Shoes (if you have)

      Use of the bike console

      Any question that you have

    • In The Studio

      Sprinnt is a dedicated Indoor Cycling brand that brings every aspect of Spin class to its best. We’ve designed every aspect of the business to complete the full, unique and best spin class experience. We believe in setting an example, inspiring and practicing what we preach. We would like to train you, educate you so you can continuously have fun, improve your fitness, health and lifestyle and achieve your results in a professional, sustainable and safe approach.

      Sprinnt’s studios are well designed to provide you with the best experience and atmosphere. We have showers with complimentary body wash, shampoo and conditioner, separate changing rooms, toilets, lockers outfitted with digital locks and filtered water fountain. Sprinnt bottles and Sprinnt sweat towels are available to purchase in the studio.

      To help us deliver the best experience we would appreciate it if you could follow these simple requests:

      All classes are pre designed to achieve the best spin class experience, maximise your fitness results, and provide you with the most fun and safe experience, therefore, please follow the instructor’s advice. If you would like to have your own class please contact us for a personal spin class.

      Always improve your technique and follow the instructor’s advice. Please avoid or change wrong habits such as working on high resistance all the time, going too fast, dropping your head and extending your elbows. The best method is to use your upper body and utilise your core muscles. The right posture and technique will help you to better utilise and train your entire body and exercise in a more efficient and safe way. You will feel better, look better, be healthier and fitter.

      Please respect others: wear deodorant, come with clean shoes, wear sweat protectors and please do not sweat on the bike or on the floor.  If you do, please make sure you wipe it down.

      Please drink before, during and after the class – Water of course!

      Please make sure to eat the proper, the right amount and the right food before and after the class. Check with us for advice.

      Most importantly, if you feel unwell (even if you are not sure) before, during the class, and/or if you feel any kind of pain or discomfort please stop exercising and report to the instructor.

      Leaving class early is strongly discouraged. In special circumstances and only if you have to, please advise the instructor before the class is started and don’t forget to wave goodbye with a smile when you leave.

      We have invested in the world best Spin bikes. Please keep them clean, do not move them and please report on any fault as soon as you notice it.

      Riding shoes - we highly recommend to ride with riding shoes, it’s a different experience. Cycling shoes can give your legs a fuller workout and enable you to generate more powerful pedal strokes. We have chosen the world’s best spin bikes and our bikes are compatible with road and mountain bike riding cleats. Please check with us for any recommendations.

      To assist with keeping our Spin bikes in best condition for the next class, please wipe down your bike after every class using the cleaning wipes provided in the studio

      Mobile devices must be turned off in the studio. If you are on emergency call, please leave your mobile with our receptionist and she/he will take the call for you and advise you as per your instructions.

      No photo, video, voice and music recording are allowed during the class.

    • Purchase Policy

      At Sprinnt we believe in providing you with great flexibility, great customer service and the best experience so you continuously improve your fitness, health and lifestyle and enjoy every second of the journey. Furthermore, we have to be fair and consistent to all clients, therefore we set a few rules related to purchasing:

      The validity period for each package is indicated in the terms when you buy the package. Even though we highly recommend exercising 2-5 times a week. We allow more than enough time to utilise the package. The expiry date of each package is calculated from the purchase of the package. In case of emergency and unforeseen circumstances, such as an injury, please call the studio and we will try to do our best to accommodate your circumstances.

      At Sprinnt we have to be fair and consistent to all clients as well as to maximise our client’s opportunity to attend the classes. Therefore, in case you need to cancel your booking for a class, you will need to make it more than 5 hours prior to your scheduled class to avoid forfeiting a credit. If you cancel within the 5 hours prior to your class, you will forfeit one credit. In case of emergency, unforeseen circumstances, such as an injury, please call the studio and we will try to do our best to accommodate your circumstances.

      Sprinnt’s team is making every effort to deliver the best indoor cycling classes as per the schedule and on time. In cases when a class will need to be cancelled due to any emergency and/or unforeseen circumstances there will be no charge to participants that have registered. In this case, we will ensure to notify you as possible in advance.

      Packages and passes are linked to the account holder, therefore they cannot be transferred or shared unless when you do the booking you provide us with the name of the participant or the person you are buying the class for.  If you buy a class pass to another person as a gift, they must either open an account online or in the studio.

      If you have an unlimited pass you will be charged a one full class price for a missed class that was booked and not cancelled as per the cancellation policy. 

      All clients will be required to complete an online registration and release form before attending classes.

      Walk in clients will require registering online in the studio and to complete a registration and release form.

      Any passes that are limited by time cannot be extended unless we agree to extend them. We may agree or decline to extend the time limit of any pass at our discretion.

      All Packages are non-refundable.

      All prices are in Australian dollars and including 10% GST.

    • Sprinnt Live Policy

      All you need to know to participate in a Sprinnt Live Class:

      We at Sprinnt are so excited to get started with Sprinnt Live so that you can get your spin back as soon as possible. This sheet should give you all the information you need to join a Sprinnt Live class and make the process as simple and safe as possible. If you have any questions, have any problems or need further clarification, please contact the studio at 9077 6972  or send us an email at Please note that these guidelines may change, and we will continue to update you as such – Keep Sprinnting!

      Preparing for us to come and deliver your bike/set up the tech:

      Following these procedures before we arrive will allow us to set everything up quickly and easily so that we can start running classes as soon as possible!

      • Clear the space where you’d like the bike to be positioned (at least 2x2m of space)
      • Make sure the room is aerated before we arrive, meaning that surrounding doors and windows are open.
      • Position the device in the way you’d like to view the live-streamed classes and so that we can see you via your webcam/device camera (TV, computer, phone, tablet etc.) in front of the space you’ve created (e.g. propped up on a table).
      • Create an account on Zoom (, make sure that your account name is your full name, the same as is in your Sprinnt account.
      • Download Zoom onto your device by going to and downloading the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ option.

      We will arrive at your house with your bike, set it up in your space and show you how to join a class.

      Steps on how to join a Sprinnt Live Class:

      1. Once you have booked a class via the Sprinnt website, you will receive an email with a link to the Sprinnt Live Zoom.
      2. At least 15 minutes before the class is set to start, click this link.
      3. Once you click this link, it will open a page with a pop-up at the top, please click ‘Open Zoom’.
      4. For the next pop-up, click ‘Join with Video’.
      5. For the next pop-up, click ‘Join with Computer Audio’.
      6. Make sure that the instructor stays on the main screen.
      7. Click ‘Enter Full Screen’ in the top right-hand corner.
      8. Ensure you have turned the volume up to the maximum level and have connected any speakers/wireless headphones.
      9. Ensure that your camera is positioned so that we can see from just below the handlebars to above your head if you are standing on the bike.
      10. Ensure to follow all the points in the above ‘Sprinnt Live Riding Policy’.
      11. Ensure that the space around the bike is clear of any furniture/other people so to avoid hazards.
      12. Have fun!

      Sprinnt Live Riding Policy:

      It is very important to us that your Sprinnt Live experience is safe and that our bikes are kept in good condition in order to maintain continuity of the Sprinnt Live experience. So, please follow these regulations so that can happen:

      • Riding on the bike is only for the Sprinnt Live livestreaming classes. Please, do not ride on the bike outside of participating in the livestreaming, booked class.
      • Only people with a Sprinnt Live Membership are permitted to use/touch/sit on/ride the bike.
      • Do not move the bike from the position it was placed in during the initial set-up with the Sprinnt team as this could damage the bike and cause it to lose balance if the surface is uneven or cause other safety issues.
      • and that you are positioned so that you can comfortably see the screen you would like to view the live stream on.
      • You must follow the class starting and end times and all other instructions and guidelines during the class. Listen to and follow the instructor’s instructions as per the given riding position, RPM, levels ofresistance and when to get off the bike for stretching.
      • Ensure the room is aerated (open windows/doors) and the temperature in the room is at a cool, comfortable level or airconditioned.
      • Ensure that you have a water bottle and towel.
      • Ensure that you maintain proper riding technique that was demonstrated to you during your initial coaching, including:
        • Avoid common unsafe technique such:
          • working on high resistance all the time,
          • going too fast with little resistance,
          • dropping your head
          • straightening the elbows; and
          • neglecting the core muscles
        • Ensure your handlebars and seat are set up to your appropriate heights given in your initial coaching.
        • Ensure that your back is straight, your elbows are relaxed, and your shoulders are down.
        • Make sure that when riding out of the seat in positions 2 and 3 you aren’t placing too much of your body weight onto the handlebars, instead, try to shift your body weight back a bit.
        • Make sure you stop riding when the instructor indicates it is time to get off the bike. Follow the stretching guidelines with the instructor, maintaining the right technique.
      • Ensure the knobs for changing the heights of the handlebars and seat are tightly closed.
      • Please do not sweat on the bike or on the console. A towel must be placed on the handlebar to avoid this.
      • Please keep the bikes clean just as you would in the studio, that means wiping the handlebars and the seat down with multipurpose cleaner after each use. Please do not spray directly on the bike, spray into a piece of paper towel and then wipe only the handlebar and seat, do not wipe/touch any of the moving parts.
      • Make sure that when you ride on the bike you are wearing clean clothing and are maintaining adequate hygiene standards yourself.
      • During the stretching off the bike, make sure you are away from the bike and aren’t propping any body parts onto the bike as this will cause damage (e.g. leaning on the bike, placing your foot on the bike).
      • Make sure that you are well fed and hydrated before you start the class. If you feel unwell or feel any pain or discomfort before/during the class, please stop exercising and if needed, seek medical advice. We recommend you to have someone else in your house for the duration of the class so they can act in case of an emergency.
      • You must keep your webcam on and be visible so that the instructor will be able to see you and you are able to see the instructor during the full duration of the class.
      • Don’t touch any of the parts of the bike other than the handlebars and the seat (such as the flywheel) as this may cause damage.
      •  Please ensure that when you are riding there are no other people in the vicinity, especially kids and pets.
      • Make sure that you are either wearing sports shoes or riding shoes and comfortable work-out clothing, avoiding long, loose fitting pants.
      • The Sprinnt bikes are Sprinnt property and have been delivered to you in good condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bike is kept in this good condition. If your bike has any faults or is making any noise before, during or after the class, please stop riding immediately as this may make the fault worse and report this to the studio. Sprinnt will be responsible for fixing the fault and members are liable for any damage or fault that occurs during the Sprinnt Live membership.
      • Sprinnt reserves the right to replace your bike at any stage.
      • As we are relying on third party technology, if there is a fault in the live streaming service from our end that occurs during the class, we will try to resolve the issue in real time. If this isn’t possible the class will be cancelled, and members can book into a different class on the timetable.
      • As communicated with you and agreed by you prior to you signing up to your Sprinnt Live membership, Sprinnt Live has a minimum of 15 weeks no cancellation policy.
      • After the business shutdown, we will provide three service options: In the studio, Sprinnt Live and a Dual Service (both in the studio and Sprinnt Live). We will communicate the membership options and prices when it will be made available.
      • Your Sprinnt Live service is subject to all the Term and Conditions available on this website.
  • FAQ


    • How early should I come before the class begins?

      If this is your first visit to Sprinnt, please contact the studio to schedule time for a quick coaching session to set up your bike and cover some basic introductory knowledge. If not, 5-15 minutes is enough time to sign in and set yourself up

    • What do I need to bring to an Indoor Cycling class?

      Please bring towel and bottle of water. Sprinnt sports bottle and towel are available to purchase in the studio. It is important to stay hydrated during class. We provide chilled water in the studio. It is ideal to wear comfortable workout clothing. We recommend wearing cycling gear and to avoid loose fitting long pants. Cycling shoes are highly recommended. For more information regarding apparel and equipment visit Contact+ > Setting You Up, on the Sprinnt website. 

    • How does it work when I get to the studio?

      If you have already booked online, all you need is to validate your booking with the studio coordinator and walk in. If not, you must sign into one of the IPads available and book a class on the spot or ask the studio coordinator for help.

    • Do you have showers, changing rooms and lockers?

      We have showers with complimentary body wash, shampoo and conditioner (bring your own towel), separate changing rooms, toilets and lockers outfitted with locks. For more information regarding your experience in the studio please visit Contact+ > Policies > In the Studio, on the Sprinnt website.

    • What are the benefits of doing Indoor cycling?

      There are many health benefits of participating in indoor cycling classes. For an in depth explanation of these please visit Inspiration > Sprinnt for your Health, on the Sprinnt website

    • If I need to cancel a class, how far in advanced do I need to do so?

      You must cancel a class at least 5 hours before the scheduled class, if you do so a credit will be added back onto your list of classes available for reservation. For more information on cancelation and other purchase related queries visit Contact+ > Policies > Purchase Policy, on the Sprinnt website

    • What parking and public transport solutions are available in close proximity to Sprinnt?

      Sprinnt Camberwell studio is located at 537 Riversdale Road, approximately 150m east of the intersection of Burke Road, Riversdale Road and Camberwell Road (i.e. Camberwell Junction). There are plenty of car parks: 4 major 2 hours free car parks in a 1-3 minutes walking distance from the studio. One is located approximately 70m east of the studio, north east of Fairholm Grove and Riversdale Road. Two are located immediately north of studio - Camberwell Target and Camberwell Market and the fourth is located on the southern side of Riversdale Road, approximately 75m east of the studio. You can view the map in the location menu on the website. There are also parking bays on the street on the north and south sides of the road within close proximity to studio. Free before business hours and 1P Ticket, 8am-6pm Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm Saturday.

      In terms of public transport, tram route numbers 70, 72 and 75 all travel through Camberwell Junction, while Camberwell Train Station is a premium station located approximately 650m from the studio serving the Alamein, Belgrave and Lilydale Metro lines. Bus routes 285 and 612 also serve the area regularly.

    • How old do I have to be to ride?

      You can ride with us if your height is 1.5 meter. If you’re younger than 18 years old, you must provide a letter of permission from your parent or legal guardian before commencing classes.